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          Comps to the Roxy begins not off world literally but it might as well be, for where we lay our scene.  Here ain’t Verona and it sure as shit ain’t fair. But in the shadow of the mountain of a major metropolis, here is where the urban run-off reached out and scratched and caught and held fast.  The outlier town of Gristle might as well be its own city state, experiencing post-industrial shutdown.  Legit jobs are dryin up.  Streets are gettin dangerous at night.  Crime is starting to get organized and brutal.  But a raging nightlife has burst into being.  With neon and blood splashing in equal parts across the broken asphalt of the Main Drag, disputes are settled with contests of speed, engine and will.  Anachronistic automobiles line up and match mettle. Love is discovered, blossoms and ultimately self-destructs on the dancefloor.   A man’s pop and lock technique are just as important in this world as the weight of his gas pedal foot and the power in his left hook.  

          But some nights, all you needed was a good rooftop view of the pulse and life of the city to remind you what was worth fightin for.  Every track of Comps is a different chapter in the story of the people of Gristle, a different beat in the rhythm of its groove.

                                                                                                   -Cognitive Dawsonance

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