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     Born into the cataclysmic collision of punk smashing its three chord chaos against the shifting, sliding shores of psychedelia, Colin Kelday, better known as Quick Kick, emerged from the slumber of suburbia to embark on a career that has lead from hostile house parties to opening for major influences like Pop Will It Itself; co-producing the final album of The Watchmen and scoring the cult hit film How to Be Deadly.

     From the moment he sprouted ears and learned to tap his toes, Quick Kick’s musical maneuvers have constantly evolved: catalyzed and coalesced by the sounds he encounters. From Morricone to Depeche Mode, from the Muppet Show to Motorhead, Quick Kick received, absorbed, synthesized and re-output. 


     As comfortable under the lights as he is behind the boards, he has lived, survived and thrived on stage and in studio. No evolution is possible without imperfect iterations; throughout his career Quick Kick has formed, nurtured and ended bands such as Spahitch, Statik, Osgoode under the inscrutable handle SNOOG.


     His style and sound as varied as his influences, the 2017 release of Greater Golden Horseshoe and Galactic Conquest represents an artist at the peak of his abilities. Now crystallized into the sensational sonic form of Quick Kick, he draws on the rich symphony of his past to craft beats that feed and soothe the future soul. 



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