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quick kick Black Hills Digital cover.jpg

One day. 

     A measure of time, of experience but also: a promise.  Both the past and the future are glimpsed with The Black Hills.  Recalling the swift adventurous exploits of a single day, one sadly lacking all photo record, Quick Kick transmutes fond memory into stunning waveform.  Dashing through the eponymous Hills, he flows through a realm rich in history, both grand and debased.  One can’t help but spit the dust and hear the slap of leather on horseback in Frontierland, fraught with intrigue, back deals and a lawless stab of man into nature.  The regal, marching, righteous good intentions and chiseled jaws of former commanders can’t help but stand proud in Dead Presidents.  Crazy Horse stalks behind staccato trees, building to a thrilling, slow-motion gallop. Utter peace is crashed by pure enlightenment, pulsing and bursting forward with The Windcave Inquiries.  Tentative steps, unsteady and hesitant become assured, stalwart and behemothic in Baby Mammoth.  The soothing of a warm spring waterbath after a overlong day is made sonic in The Valley of Healing Waters. Book ended but in reverse (and thus never ending) with incendiary-based first (Ashes Over Rapid City) and last (Galena Burns 88) tracks, The Black Hills gazes at the flames and feels the yearn to return to that place, that time, that one day and that kindling of imagination. 

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