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     Forged in the crucible of creativity that is Suburbia (in this case Brampton, Ontario, Canada), alternative electronic outfit Quick Kick draws from over 25 years of musical experience in a wide range of fields.


     Born into the era where Psychedelic Rock clashed with Punk, SNOOG’s first major musical influences, while not necessarily reflective of his current creative output, taught him to love music and that with music, anything was possible.


     “My first concert ever was a Victor Borge show,” remembers SNOOG. “My parents played a lot of Percy Faith and Ennio Moriccone in the car so film scores have always been a major influence.”


     By the mid-1980's SNOOG was heavily affected by the Music Video and rampant consumer culture that had swept the rest of the world. For close to a decade, he immersed himself in mainstream pop & rock music, absorbing it mostly through television and movie soundtracks.


     Creating music began in earnest at Mayfield Secondary School in 1990. SNOOG found friends who not only shared similar tastes and ambitions, but wielded keyboards and samplers instead of guitars and drums. This path-less-travelled approach appealed instantly to SNOOG’s sonic sensibilities. Heavily influenced by industrial synth and techno pop, the burgeoning artists formed the band SPAHITCH, using an Atari: Notator along with two samplers, two synths, two guitarists and taped their beat sequences for live shows.

     By 1992, the band had infiltrated CFNY's FM studio (in Brampton), gaining support from a handful of top radio DJ's, and begun playing 4000+ raves in Toronto. In 1993 SNOOG and 3 members of SPAHITCH formed STATIK and toured all year long leading to the incredible opportunity to open for their favourite band Pop Will Eat Itself.

Spahitch:  1990-1993

Statik: 1993-1996

     But any self-respecting musical journey would not be complete without a catastrophic schism due to creative differences. STATIK’s name proved somewhat portentous as lack of artistic progress brought about its early demise.


     Now free to significantly expand his musical pursuits, SNOOG threw himself into creation, experimentation and self-education on recording and live sequencing techniques. He keyed in on the hidden elements of high quality music production: time, effort and technology. This nuts-and-bolts mindset had the side benefit of allowing SNOOG to relish the exploration of all genres of music.


     SNOOG’s musical versatility eventually led to the formation of OSGOODE in 1997. Ostensibly a SNOOG solo project, OSGOODE was augmented by a lively, rotating cast of players. The group wasted no time “crashing the stereo”, starting the long-standing tradition of ducking tomatoes while spinning their ambient electronic beats at house parties. The single ‘Has Been’, produced by Toronto rave scene guru DJ Iain was featured on Sony Music Canada’s 1997 release ‘DJ Iain’ Electronic Revolution’.

Osgoode: 1996-2003

     While studio work remained high priority, live performances had always been the true purpose of OSGOODE. Supporting acts including Bif Naked, BTK, Boomtang Boys, and Chris Connelly, OSGOODE’s shows were a visceral experience. A multimedia acid trip transporting you to the apex of musicality - that last chance, no turning back, fork in the road where beats and emotion cross paths and engage in hand-to-hand combat dubbed ‘the duel philosophikal.’ Exemplified by an on-stage line-up that was always changing, OSGOODE guaranteed a brilliant, unique show at every appearance.


     In 2000, SNOOG was asked by  DJ Iain to co-produce The Watchmen’s final record, ‘Slo Motion’ (EMI), and it was during this experience that SNOOG dumped his traditional recording methods and moved into the digital realm.


     This led to the release of OSGOODE’s ‘Right in the Ear’ E.P. in 2002 - an experimental Rock/Techno cross-over project.  In 2003, while all the tracks did well on, the single ‘EX-L’ ranked #1 out of 4000 electronic titles. Feeling unsatisfied with the release and after a series of subsequent live shows, SNOOG pulled the plug on OSGOODE, and returned to the studio with the firm purpose of doing something truly different.


     And from the ashes of OSGOODE, so rose QUICK KICK.

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